Frequently Asked Questions


  • What type of plan packages do you offer?
    1. PDF Files – Electronic, read only, copy of plans that gives you the right to make multiple copies and includes a license to build the structure one time. Files are typically mailed on jump drive or emailed.
    2. CAD Files – Electronic files in .DWG format, "Version Varies", designed to take to a local designer/architect/engineer to make minor to major alterations. This package includes a license to modify, reproduce and build unlimited homes, "Unlimited Use License".
    3. 5 Sets of Plan – Five sets of plans printed and mailed directly to you and includes a license to build the structure one-time.
  • Can these plans be modified and how long will it take?

    Yes, most plans offered on can be modified. It is common for individuals to purchase a stock plan and have changes made. The price for modifications will vary depending on the complexity of the changes. Most changes can be made within 2-4 weeks but may take longer depending on the work required. In most cases, a PDF or cad file plan package is required to make modifications. To obtain your personalized modification quote, please contact us. Most modification quotes will be answered within 24 hours.

  • What is included in each house plan purchase?

    Below you will find a listing of the typical items found:

    1. Cover Sheet – May include index, front view of home, definitions, etc.
    2. Foundation Plan – Typically includes dimensioned foundation plan with footing details.
    3. Dimensioned Floor Plan – Electrical may be shown.
    4. Exterior Views – Four exterior views of the residence with other miscellaneous details.
    5. Roof Plan – Birds eye view showing all ridges, valleys and other necessary information.
    6. Electrical Plan – Displays all switches, lighting fixtures, outlets and other necessary electrical items. These items may be shown on the Dimensioned Floor Plan.
    7. Wall Section(s) – Detail of wall materials and assembly.
    8. Building Section(s) – Section through home displaying necessary information about framing and other miscellaneous data.
    9. Cabinet Elevations – Displays interior kitchen cabinet views.
    10. Blank Specifications – Specifications guide for the purchaser and their builder to complete. Not available on all plans.

    *Note: The items listed above as “Not available on all plans” are not always required for every plan depending on location and complexity.

  • What codes or standards are HPZ plans designed for?

    Plans on were designed to meet building codes at the time of their design, such as the International Residential Code. Due to regional requirements such as: high wind areas, seismic conditions, soil conditions, snow loads and other specific circumstances, we strongly recommend that the plans be reviewed by a local engineer or architect before starting construction. In fact, many local building departments may require it. Please contact your local building department to verify before placing your order.

  • Are the plans sold on stamped by a Structural Engineer or Registered Architect?

    No, the plans sold on are NOT stamped by a structural engineer or registered architect. Due to regional requirements such as: high wind areas, seismic conditions, soil conditions, snow loads and other specific circumstances, we encourage you to consult with an engineer or architect familiar with conditions in your area prior to building. In addition, local building departments may require that the plans be reviewed and/or modified to comply with local requirements. Please contact your local building department before placing your order.


  • How many times can I build this plan?

    Unless you purchase Cad Files, which include an unlimited use license, plans that are purchased give you the right to build one (and only one) plan. Due to copyright laws, building more than one structure from the purchased plan is illegal. If you would like to build one of our plans multiple times, please contact our customer service center to insure compliance with copyright laws.

  • How many sets of plans will I need to build my home?

    We recommend purchasing “PDF” files to build your home. This gives you the flexibility to print as many sets as you need to construct your home and also allows you the liberty of emailed your plans to vendors, subs and bankers. The following individuals or groups will typically need at least one set: your builder, subcontractors, lending agency, local building department, architectural review board, and one for yourself. You should also allow for some sets not being returned from bidders, stolen or lost. If you purchase printed sets from additional sets can be ordered up to 180 days after the initial purchase.

  • Can you design a custom home for me?

    Yes, we have an experienced design team that can design a custom home for you. Please contact us today for your free consultation.

  • What are the benefits of ordering a pre-drawn set of plans compared to a custom set?

    There are several benefits to purchasing a pre-drawn house plan instead of having a custom home designed. The most important benefits are time and cost. Pre-drawn plans typically cost less than a thousand dollars and can be in your hands within days. Custom plans can cost as much as 4-5 dollars per square foot and can take months to complete. Most pre-drawn plans have been sold and built for years, therefore the design of the plan has usually been refined many times to achieve the best possible layout.

  • What is right reading reverse?

    A plan layout may work better if it is “flipped”. For example, If the garage is on the left in the original plan and it would work better to have it on the right…”mirroring” or “flipping” the plan may be the best solution.

  • How is square footage calculated?

    Since, square footage is one of the primary factors in selecting a plan, we understand its importance. Square footage calculations can vary depending on how the calculation is achieved. Unfortunately, there is not an “industry standard” approach to square footage calculations. Some designers may calculate the area to the outside of the exterior studs while others may include the entire exterior wall thickness including brick or other masonry veneers. These separate approaches could result in a difference of 50 or more square feet (depending on the size of the plan).

    Equally important to the “Living” or Heated/Cooled square footages are the “other” areas that must be factored in to the equation such as Garages, Covered Porches, and Uncovered Patios to name a few. These spaces and areas often get overlooked but are critical to the square footage calculation and/or cost to build. Most of our plans provide square footage for these spaces to assist in the decision-making process. If you have concerns about the square footages, please contact us prior to purchasing.


  • How do I check on the status of my order?

    If you are trying to follow up on the status of a recently placed order, please login to your account. Once your plan order has been shipped a tracking number will be available. If you still have questions please contact us.

  • Can I order more sets once my order has been placed?

    Additional sets of plans can be ordered up to 180 days after the initial purchase of your plans. After this time has expired, full retail pricing may be required. Call for more information.

  • Can I return my plans once my order has been placed?

    Unfortunately, due to copyright laws and the ability to copy plans, your plans can not be returned once your order has been placed. All sales are final. If you would like assistance in selecting your home plan before you order, please contact our customer service center. We will work hard to make your home plan buying experience a success.

  • Is my personal information and credit card information secure? is committed to protecting your privacy. We use secure connections to ensure your personal information is safe. Also, your personal information including your email address is never sold or given to third parties.


  • What types of shipping are available?
    • Ground: Ground delivery usually takes 5-7 business days but may vary depending on your location. Ground shipping orders are usually shipped out within 24 hours.
    • Second day: These orders will be shipped the same day if order is placed before 12:00 noon. Please call for availability.
    • Overnight: These orders will be shipped the same day if the order is placed before 12:00 noon. Please call for availability.
    • Email: Cad files and PDF files can be delivered via email which will save you time and money on shipping. There is no shipping charge when choosing this method. Please call for availability.
  • Can your plans be shipped to Canada?

    Yes, our plans can be shipped to Canada. An additional freight charge will apply. The best solution is to allow us to email pdf files to you and this will enable you to take the plans to your local print shop and have copies made. Please contact our customer service center for additional assistance.


  • Do you offer builder discounts?

    Yes. Please contact us at 601.336.3254 for details about our builder opportunities.

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