Terms & Conditions

All sales are final. Due to copyright laws and the ability to copy plans, your plans can not be returned once your order has been placed. If you would like assistance in selecting your home plan before you order, please contact our customer service center. We will work hard to make your home plan buying experience a success.

Copyright Information

By purchasing the minimum of a full set of house plans, you are granted the right to build that design one time only (Unless otherwise stated).

Only the original purchaser has the right to build one home from the plans purchased, and may not transfer or sell the plans to another party. Customers may purchase plans for a builder to build a home for the customer. Purchasers may not display, load or submit any portion of the actual blueprints to any online platform including but not limited to: facebook, pinterest, instagram, twitter, personal or business websites, without the express written consent of House Plan Zone. 

It is illegal to create derivative works without having purchased the right to do so. Even if you are planning on making extensive changes to the design, copyright laws require you to purchase a copy of the plans.

It is illegal to make copies from blueprints unless authorized in writing from the original designer. PDF Files and CAD Files include a license to make copies as required for the construction of a single dwelling.

It is illegal to have plans drawn based on the designs depicted on HPZplans.com or in any other marketing media without having first purchased the plans.

Architectural/Engineering Seals & Building Codes

These plans are NOT stamped by a structural engineer or registered architect and were designed to meet the current building code at the time of their design, such as the International Residential Code. Due to regional requirements such as: high wind areas, seismic conditions, soil conditions, snow loads and other specific circumstances, we encourage you to consult with an engineer or architect familiar with conditions in your area prior to building. In addition, local building departments may require that the plans be reviewed and/or modified to comply with local requirements. Please contact your local building department before placing your order.

What is Included in the Plans

Below you will find a listing of the typical items found:

  1. Cover Sheet – May include index, front view of home, definitions, etc.
  2. Foundation Plan – Typically includes dimensioned foundation plan with footing details.
  3. Dimensioned Floor Plan – Electrical may be shown.
  4. Exterior Views – Four exterior views of the residence with other miscellaneous details.
  5. Roof Plan – Birds eye view showing all ridges, valleys and other necessary information.
  6. Electrical Plan – Displays all switches, lighting fixtures, outlets and other necessary electrical items. These items may be shown on the Dimensioned Floor Plan.
  7. Wall Section(s) – Detail of wall materials and assembly.
  8. Building Section(s) – Section through home displaying necessary information about framing and other miscellaneous data.
  9. Cabinet Elevations – Displays interior kitchen cabinet views.
  10. Blank Specifications – Specifications guide for the purchaser and their builder to complete. Not available on all plans.

*Note: The items listed above as “Not available on all plans” are not always required for every plan depending on location and complexity.

Items Not Included

Mechanical Plans - Because of varying site conditions, mechanical plans such as plumbing and HVAC plans are not included. These items are easily obtained by your mechanical contractor or material supplier.

Site Plans – If required, this information must be obtained locally to include the information specific to your individual property.

Structural Calculations – In certain areas, particularly those in earthquake and hurricane zones, permit departments may require you to submit structural calculations for your particular conditions. When required, you should consult with a local structural engineer.

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