This wonderful 4 bedrom 2 bath home features an open plan with large rear porch and outdoor kitchen. The open design allows for entertaining and flexibility. The lockers in the rear entry provide for great organization. The master suite offers a separate tub and shower with dual walk in closets. For less than 2200 square feet, this home has all of the features of a home much larger.

Kingsmill Floor Plan

Finished (Heated and Cooled) Areas
Heated Area Main Floor 2141
Heated Area Second Floor 0
Total Finished Square Footage 2141
Unfinished (unheated) Areas
Front Porch 40
Rear Porch 224
Other Porches 0
Garage 533
Storage 54
Bonus Room 0
Other 0
Total Unfinished Square Footage 851


Additional Plan Specs
Primary Roof Pitch 12:12
Other Roof Pitches 9:12

Pricing Options:

  1. PDF Files (Single Use and Unlmited Use Available)

    Electronic, read only, copy of plans that gives the right to make multiple copies and includes a license to build the structure one time for single use license and unlimited times for unlimited use license. Files are typically emailed (no printed sets will be shipped). This package allows the user the right to modify the plans. Any derivative work of this plan is still protected under federal copyright laws.

  2. CAD Files

    Electronic files in .DWG format, "Version Varies", are provided for use by a local designer / architect / engineer to make minor to major alterations and these files are typically emailed directly to the customer (no printed sets will be shipped). This package includes a license to modify, reproduce and build unlimited homes, "Unlimited Use License".

  3. 5 Sets of Plan Plus PDF File

    Five sets of plans printed and mailed directly to you and includes a license to build the structure one-time. You will also receive PDF files with this package that will be emailed to you.

Important Information:

All Sales are Final. Due to copyright laws and the ability to copy plans, your plans can not be returned once your order has been placed. If you would like assistance in selecting your home plan before you order, please contact our customer service center. We will work hard to make your home plan buying experience a success.

These plans are NOT stamped by a structural engineer or registered architect and were designed to meet the current building code at the time of their design, such as the International Residential Code. Due to regional requirements such as: high wind areas, seismic conditions, soil conditions, snow loads and other specific circumstances, we encourage you to consult with an engineer or architect familiar with conditions in your area prior to building. In addition, local building departments may require that the plans be reviewed and/or modified to comply with local requirements. Please contact your local building department before placing your order.

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